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Direct Mail in a World Gone Digital (Infographic)

There’s no denying it – we live in a digital first world. The average U.S. adult spends nine hours a day in front of a digital screen, and more often than not our mobile phones are the first thing we pick up in the morning and the last thing we put down at night. It then comes as no surprise that email continues to reign supreme as the most used marketing medium, followed by social media. What may be surprising though, with all of this time spent on computers, tablets and phones, is the increasing number of marketers who are using direct mail. “Really?” You say. “I thought direct mail was dead?” You muse. Not. Even. Close.

Shifting Back to A Timeless Channel

Direct Mail In A World Gone Digital Infographic Snippet.pngIn an era when a digital device is rarely out of fingertip reach, what has made direct mail so appealing to marketers? To start, consumer engagement. A side effect of living in the digital age is the daily bombardment of advertisements. Every time we search, stream, read, scroll, click or swipe we are besieged with advertisements flashing before our eyes. The result: digital overload. This overload has positioned direct mail as a welcome respite, with many consumers looking forward to seeing what their mailbox holds for them. In fact, according to a recent USPS study, 98% of consumers bring in their mail each day, and of these people, 77% sort through their mail immediately upon bringing it in. Even more compelling, 66% of direct mail is opened and 82% is read for at least one minute. Compare that to email, whose average open rate hovers around 20%, of which, according to Litmus Email Analytics, only 44% is read for longer than 18 seconds. The appeal doesn’t stop there. Check out our infographic Direct Mail In A World Gone Digital to see why direct mail’s role in the omnichannel marketing mix is stronger than ever.

We May Live In A Digital First World But The Time For Direct Mail Is Now

For marketers who want to make a lasting impression and drive action, the opportunity and impact of direct mail can’t be overlooked. The increasing ease at which it can be integrated with your digital marketing makes now the time to do so. Ready to add or expand the role of direct mail in your marketing mix? Put our print and omnichannel marketing expertise to work for you. Download the Infographic

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Written by Jeana Garms

Director of Marketing at SG360°. A seasoned marketer experienced in designing and executing omnichannel marketing campaigns that combine the spectrum of marketing channels to drive desired actions and achieve results.


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