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4 Key Benefits of Direct Mail Product Sampling

4 Key Benefits of Direct Mail Product Sampling

We’re all familiar with the headlines – retail is in the midst of a seismic shift. E-commerce sales continue to accelerate while brick and mortar stores struggle. For product-based brands, this shift is driving a need to seek new ways to counter the stark reality of online shopping. For all the convenience it provides, you lose a key benefit of having a physical brick-and-mortar location – the ability to see, touch, smell and taste products while browsing.
Color Matters. Here's Why You Need To Work With a G7 Qualified Printer.

Color Matters. Here’s Why You Need to be Working with a G7 Qualified Printer

When it comes to brand-building, the science of color is a discipline unto itself. While certain colors encourage calm and tranquility, others energize or even induce hunger. They are perhaps one of the most compelling and memorable aspects of a brand and that’s why marketers rely so heavily on them to construct and communicate a brand’s essence. Imagine the famous McDonald’s arches any other shade of golden yellow; or the white Coca-Cola script on a faded red(ish) background. Even the slightest variances in color can erode trust and diminish brand loyalty—for big and small brands alike.
Understanding the USPS Move Update Standards

Understanding the New USPS Move Update Standards

If you’ve earmarked budget for direct mail in 2018, chances are you’re aware of the new USPS® postage rates that went into effect this month – on January 21 to be exact. Accompanying the new rates and equally important, are the changes to the USPS’ Move Update Standards.
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