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Discover Savings with Letter-size Catalogs and Booklets

Discover Savings with Letter-size Catalogs and Booklets

In 2021, the pressure is on for Marketers to acquire new customers and meet revenue targets, despite continued economic challenges and an increased cost of acquisition. For eCommerce, retail, and services organizations alike, a booklet strategy may be one of the key tools in your tool belt for achieving and exceeding expectations.
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Stories are 22 times more memorable than facts

Amplify Your Marketing ROI with Storytelling and Direct Mail

People buy from companies they feel connected to, making establishing an emotional connection with your audience critical to your brand's success. Here's how the most successful brands use storytelling with direct mail design to create that connection.
John Zawisza headshot and quote

Fresh Ink: John Zawisza, Director of Digital Print

In another installment of our interview blog series Fresh Ink, we talk to SG360º's Director of Digital Print John Zawisza. John gives us insight into SG360º's history and technology evolution, and his perspective on why SG360° is different.
Off the Press - A Q&A With Bill Anderson

Fresh Ink: Bill Anderson, Director of Structural Design

If you are a direct mail marketer and haven’t worked with our structural design team yet, then you may be missing out. Recently I had the chance to sit down with Bill Anderson, an eleven-year veteran of SG360° and head…
Study Highlights Direct Mail's Ability to Convert Abandoned Carts

Study Highlights Direct Mail’s Ability to Convert Abandoned Carts

Direct mail retargeting, postal retargeting, whichever name you know the usage of direct mail to reactivate customers who’ve abandoned their carts by, studies are showing that this offline channel is proving successful at driving shoppers back online to complete their…
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