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Innovative Direct Marketing Solutions


Innovative Designs That Get You Noticed

Cut through the throng of messages trying to reach your audience with innovative and unexpected formats.

Our STRUCTUREdesign team is skilled at creating interactive experiences that grab attention, drive action and are not to be forgotten.

1 Well-versed in all of our print production platforms, our expert designers are adept at bringing your complex ideas to life no matter the print format.

2 Our shared processes and capabilities enable one-day design turns resulting in quicker time to production and ultimately reducing your time to market.

3 Cross departmental collaboration ensures that proposed design concepts meet all postal regulations and leverage production efficiencies.

4 Kiss-cut stickers, game pieces and dry peel cards are just some of the design elements we use to increase interest, motivate interaction and drive response rates.

Here is just a sampling of our high-performing design formats. See a design you like? Contact us to learn more or work with one of our design experts to create a format that’s all your own..

DESIGN 1 #9776
DESIGN 2 #1805-Y
DESIGN 3 #1901-Y
DESIGN 4 #2126-Y
DESIGN 5 #1960-Y
DESIGN 6 #2358-Y
DESIGN 7 #2287-Y
DESIGN 8 #9687-Y
DESIGN 9 #2980-Y
DESIGN 10 #3076-Y
DESIGN 11 #10949
DESIGN 12 #10196