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Major Wholesale Club

Challenge: The client desired a process that could streamline signage creation and distribution and increase control over signage quality and store compliance.
SG360° Solution: After reviewing the client's infrastructure, SG360° enacted a system whereby the client would send the digital art files directly to SG360° on a monthly basis who would then print sequential sets that were shrink-wrapped and packaged into "pizza" style boxes delivered to each of the client's locations within two days. More >

Technology Provider

Challenge: Develop a Direct Mail (DM) execution best practices path based on a five and 10 day turnaround pricing structure to be leveraged by the client's existing and prospective customers.
SG360° Solution: Present the client with six to eight formats that best fit SG360°'s printing platforms to be paired up against existing and prospective customer programs for the opportunity to partner on a DM campaign. Each format was to include associated pricing for a production range of 25M to 2MM based on a five and 10 day turnaround time. More >

National Jewelry Retailer

Challenge: To create an emotional connection with their high-end customers, the client wanted to develop and print a sophisticated "highly involved" booklet for customers who spent $5,000 and more on diamond purchases.
SG360° Solution: The purchasing of fine jewelry, especially engagement rings, is a highly emotional activity. Because of this it was important for the client to find a partner that could capture and convey all of these emotions into a single printed piece – and have it available for the client's upcoming sales meeting. With their reputation for innovative and high-end direct marketing communications, SG360° was selected as that partner. More >

Telecommunications Provider

Challenge: Develop a retention program that would decrease subscriber loss to competitors and increase overall life time value.
SG360° Solution: What better way to maintain subscribers than with free upgrades including faster Wi-Fi, increased DVR capacity and an overall improved viewing experience. More >